Project and activities

A World Network Anniversary

Stories of MAB’s History

Each week over a 40-week period, a particular issue or subject will be presented, with accompanying features such as interviews, pictures, a selection of key publications, or links to individual biosphere reserves having associations with the topic at hand - in other words, stories of MAB’s history. Among the broad groupings of issues are institutional and governance questions; research in particular ecosystem types and physiographic units; networks and partners; links with principal economic sectors; and education and training. Within these broad groupings, more finely focused topics will be addressed each week. Among the topics pencilled in for the next couple of months are biosphere reserve organization (including zoning and evolution of concepts); agriculture and food production systems; tropical forests; biosphere reserve legislation; and conflicts and dialogue among stakeholders…

Indeed, the 40th anniversary provides an opportunity for transforming into numerical format information generated during the first decades of MAB, and currently available only in printed form. MAB National Committees and other collaborators are thus encouraged to use the 40th  anniversary as a 'stimulus for digitizing and digital preservation/accessibility of early MAB work'.

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