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These various objectives have been met with considerable success: 261 periodic reviews were received in 2011, including the first report jointly produced by a transboundary biosphere reserve (France/Germany, Pfälzerwald/Vosges du Nord). This corresponds to the review of 240 sites (two of which have since been withdrawn from the network: Bayerischer Wald in Germany and the Lake Torne Area in Sweden) in 68 countries.

Some sites, no longer able to respect the biosphere reserve criteria, have proposed that they withdraw from the World Network of Biosphere Reserves. To date, 11 sites are concerned (see box below).

Moreover, some sites have already had two periodic reviews. This is the case for 19 biosphere reserves, including the special case of the transboundary reserve of Pfälzerwald/Vosges du Nord, in France and Germany, which did the first periodic reviews separately, in 2000 and 204 respectively, and then, for the first time, in 2011, did a shared periodic review.

The Mont Saint Hilaire and Waterton biosphere reserves (Canada) did their second periodic review in 2009. In order to give new data which show the progress made over ten years, the form used was different, concentrating on the changes undertaken since the last report. The information provided concerns the bringing up to date of data on the biosphere reserve, conservation projects, research and sustainable development already undertaken or being undertaken. These examples of periodic reviews can be consulted:

Sites withdrawn from the World Network of Biosphere Reserves


  • North-East Svalbard (1997)

United Kingdom

  • Caerlavaerock (2002)
  • Claish Moss (2002)  
  • Rum (2002)   
  • St. Kilda (2002)
  • Taynish (2010)


  • Maritchini Ezera (2002)


  • Southwest (2002)
  • Macquarie Island (2011)


  • Bayerischer Wald (2007)


  • Lake Torne Area (2010)

 Total: 11
(Price M.F., Park J.J. and Bouamrane M., 2010)

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