Voices of the World Network

For each theme, colleagues, stakeholders, partners from the World Network of Biosphere Reserves and the MAB Programme will share their experience and words on the occasion of the MAB 40th Anniversary.

Today's theme is 'Periodic Reviews'

This week's contributors are:

Daniel Silvestre

Coordinator of the Guadeloupe biosphere reserve (France)
In French

 ‘What is shooting up is the ‘eco-citizen’ involvement being asked of the local actors of the territory (…) I have been amazed to receive requests from local partners who would like to have the Man and the Biosphere label’.

Réserve de biosphère de Guadeloupe. Enjeux de la révision périodique

Jean Dey et Jean Michel Martin

Jean Dey, President of the management association of the Fontainebleau and Gatinais biosphere reserve, and Jean Michel Martin, coordinator of the reserve, and
Jean Michel Martin, coordinator of the reserve.
In French

‘There are many different local actors whose ambitions do not always converge; the challenge has been to bring together all the players in the territory… to reconcile the irreconcilable.’

Réserve de biosphère de Fontainebleau -Gouvernance et révision

Pierre Frapa

Coordinator of the Lubéron Lure biosphere reserve (France)
In French

‘The review procedure is always interesting; one must question oneself!’

Réserve de biosphère du Lubéron

Régis Vianet

Assistant Director of the Camargue Regional Natural Park and coordinator of the Camargue biosphere reserve.
In French

‘The review which was launched in 2004 and finalised in 2006 was very ambitious.’

Réserve de biosphère de Camargue - Des révisions périodiques

Ken Reyna

Coordinator of the Mont Ventoux biosphere reserve.
In French

‘It was necessary to address our shortcomings as regards education, nature conservation and the logistics of supporting research activities.’ 

RB du Mont Ventoux - La révision périodique 2009

All interviews by Agnès Rougier.

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