The ArabMAB Network was officially launched in Amman (Jordan) in 1997. The overall objective of ArabMAB is to promote co-operation between Arab National MAB Committees in order to strengthen the MAB programme in the Arab Region, including through the establishment of biosphere reserves and the implementation of common research and public awareness projects.

Members of ArabMAB constitute the ArabMAB Coordinating Council that meets every two years to elect a Bureau and to adopt a work programme for the biennium. The Council meetings are usually also the venue for expert meetings and technical workshops. ArabMAB Council meetings have been held in Agadir, Morocco (1999); Damascus, Syria, (2001); Beirut, Lebanon (2004). Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (2007). El-Chouf Cedar Biosphere Reserve, Lebanon (2010) and Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan (2013).

ArabMAB Meeting 2017

The regional meeting of the ArabMAB nettork gathered from 22-24 May in Algiers and elected the following new Steering Committee for the coming two years (2017-2019):

  • Member: Egypt - Prof. Manal Fawzy
  • Member: Saudi Arabia - Dr. Saad Al Qahtani 

Online Course

Online course, with a certificate of achievement, on following topic: “Principles of Good Governance Stemming from the Best Practices of the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, Aimed at the ArabMAB Network”. The course is available in Arabic and in French.

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