East Asian Biosphere Reserve Network

Launched in 1994, this network consists today of China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Japan, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Russian Federation.

The 14th meeting of the East Asian Biosphere Reserve Network (EABRN) took place on 6–9 October 2015 at the Shiga Highland Biosphere Reserve in Japan. The meeting was organized by the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO, the Japanese National Committee for the MAB programme, the EABRN Secretariat of the UNESCO Office in Beijing and the Shiga Highland Biosphere Reserve. The meeting took place under the theme ‘Activities in the transition area and the role of local communities in managing biosphere reserves’, and included a field evaluation of the host biosphere reserve, as well as joint sessions with the Japanese Biosphere Reserves Network (JBRN). Key outcomes of the meeting included the revision and updating of the EABRN Statutes, the identification of priorities for network activities over the coming decade, and the confirmation of EABRN’s presence at the 4th Biosphere Congress in Lima.

The Secretariat of EABRN is provided by the UNESCO Office in Beijing.


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