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EuroMAB is the largest and oldest of the MAB networks (52 countries including Canada and the USA). Meetings of the MAB National Committees of EuroMAB have taken place almost every two years since 1986 (Ceske Budowijce, in the now Czech Republic). However, given the large number of biosphere reserves (now 262), it has been difficult to organize EuroMAB meetings which comprehensively reflected the needs and interests of all MAB National Committees and at the same time all the biosphere reserve coordinators.

The last full coordinators' meeting was held in 1998 in Finland, and the following EuroMAB meetings in 2000 (Cambridge, UK) and 2002 (Rome, Italy) involved only a limited number of biosphere reserve coordinators. A NordMAB biosphere reserve meeting was held in Latvia in 2004.

Last EuroMAB meeting was held in Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve (Canada) in October 2013.

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