EuroMAB 2007 - Bridging Science and Society

12-16 November 2007

EuroMAB 2007 Outcomes

The meeting of EuroMAB 2007 entitled "Bridging Science and Society - EuroMAB 2007" was held in Antalya (Turkey) from 12-16 November 2007. More than 120 participants attended from 28 countries. The meeting focused on how to enhance linkages between Science and Society, using the experience of the 254 biosphere reserves in the 33 countries making up the EuroMAB Network as learning and sharing sites for sustainable development.

Five thematic sessions were organized:

  • Thematic issue 1: How to use biosphere reserve as learning sites for sustainable development and what contributions to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development?
  • Thematic issue 2: How to enhance the capacity of biosphere reserve to mitigate/abate and adapt to climate change?
  • Thematic issue 3: How does zonation of a biosphere reserve contribute to sustainable development?
  • Thematic issue 4: How to better reach and capture the economic and social benefits of biosphere reserves?
  • Thematic issue 5: How can biosphere reserves deal with environmental transformations such as urbanization and in-/out migration?

EuroMAB 2007 defined a EuroMAB Action Plan.

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