New MAB Strategy (2015-2025) and Action Plan (2016-2025)

MAB Strategy Group

The objective of the UNESCO MAB Strategy Group (MSG), in cooperation with the UNESCO MAB Secretariat, is to assist the MAB ICC in its deliberations to develop a new MAB Strategy for the period 2015-2025 and an associated Action Plan for MAB and the World Network of Biosphere Reserves.


Mr Sergio Guevara Sada (Mexico)* Chair
Mr Martin Price (UK)* Rapporteur
Mr Daniel Amlalo (Ghana)*
Mr Pavlo Cherinko (Ukraine)*
Mr Driss Fassi (Morocco)
Mr Roman Jashenko (Kazakhstan)*
Mr Toomas Kokovkin (Estonia)
Mr Paul MacKenzi (Kenya)
Ms June Marie Mow (Colombia)
Mr Hiroyuki Matsuda (Japan)
Ms Boshra Salem (Egypt)*
Ms Lisen Schultz (Sweden)

* MAB Bureau Member

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