Climate Change Impacts on Mountain Regions of the World
International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB)
UNESCO, 2013

Our Global Water Towers: Ensuring ecosystem services from mountains under climate change
Published by: International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB)
UNESCO, December, 2014

Biosphere Reserves in the Mountains of the World
Celebrating 40 years of UNESCO’s MAB Progamme: an Austrian contribution.
Austrian MAB Committee (Ed.): Austrian Academy of Sciences Press, Vienna 2011

Third Pole environment.  
By: Yao, T.D.; Thompson, L.G.; Musbrugger, V.; Ma, Y.M.; Zhang, F.; Yang, X.X.; Joswiak, D.
UNESCO-SCOPE-UNEP policy briefs; No.13; June 2011

A Teaching Resource Kit for Mountain Countries: A Creative Approach to Environmental Education
Published by: UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB)
UNESCO, 2010

(English/ French/ Spanish)

Global Change and Mountain Regions (GLOCHAMORE) Research Strategy.
Published by: Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), Switzerland, July 2006.
For hard copies contact: Astrid Björnsen Gurung (MRI)

Global Change Impacts in Mountain Biosphere Reserves.
Published by UNESCO-MAB, 2005. Third Thematic Workshop: Sustainable Land Use and Natural Resources Management Sierra Nevada Biosphere Reserve, Spain 14-17 March 2005.
Second Thematic Workshop: Projecting Global Change Impacts in Mountain Biosphere Reserves Gran Sasso National Park (near L'Aquila), Italy 29 November - 2 December 2004)

Cloud Forest Agenda.
Prepared by UNEP-WCMC with support from UNESCO-MAB, UNESCO-IHP and IUCN, 2004.
This brochure was prepared for the COP-7 of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Kuala Lumpur to foster the conservation of tropical montane cloud forests.

Global Environmental and Social Monitoring.
Published by UNESCO-MAB, 2004.
Proceedings of the First International Thematic Workshop held in Vienna, Austria 9 – 11 May 2004

Global Change Research in Mountain Biosphere Reserves.
Proceedings of the International Launching Workshop "Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve. Switzerland. 10 - 13 November 2003

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