08.02.2013 - Natural Sciences Sector

A new UNESCO Chair on 'Biosphere Reserves and urban environment' has been established at the Institute of Ecology in Xalapa, Mexico

The purpose of this new Chair is to contribute to the welfare of populations living in cities and in rural environments, providing them with appropriate surroundings, in recognition of the fact that collective effort in planning the use of natural and cultural capital is the best way to achieve sustainable development based on diversity.

The Chair proposed the Biosphere Reserve model as a tool to plan the physical and biological environment of the city and its environment with the participation of public citizens. This challenge is vital for Latin America, where much of the biological and cultural diversity is threatened by massive urban growth and unregulated use of the soil.

This Chair promotes development through the joint effort of the natural and social sciences to address one of the biggest challenges of our civilization - the integration of biodiversity into everyday life as a basis for fair and sustainable social, economic and environmental models of development.

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