05.11.2010 -

International Seminar on Biosphere Reserve and Ecosystem Services in Spain

22-25 November 2010

Centro Nacional de Educación Ambiental

Valsaín, Segovia, Spain

The purpose of this Seminar is to spread the experiences through the biosphere reserve managers described in the book “Reservas de la biosfera, Su contribución a la provisión de servicios de los ecosistemas", published by UNESCO at the beginning of 2010, in collaboration with the CONAF (Corporación Nacional de Chile, Chilean government) and the OAPN (Autonomous Organism for National Parks, under the Spanish Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Areas). This publication is an important contribution for the Madrid Action Plan for Biosphere reserves (2008-2013). It shows how the countries could promote actions for improving the management of their biosphere reserves and highlight the conservation and recovering ecosystems needs and their services for the Human wellbeing.

This book describes some examples of Latin American and Spanish Biosphere Reserves management. It will be the conductive line of the seminar and will generate debate in which the participants will share their point of view and experiences, identifying possible solutions for improving the management in the Biosphere Reserves.

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