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Senate of Spain supports Minorca's candidacy to host the World Network of Biosphere Reserves headquarters

© Sinar Mas Forestry/Indonesian MAB CommitteGiam Siak Kecil, Bukit Batu Biosphere Reserve (Indonesia)

Source: ABC

During their session on 1 December, the Senate unanimously passed a motion by the working group, requesting that the government support Minorca’s candidacy to host the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves headquarters. 
The final decision will be made in May 2011 in Dresden, Germany.

While defending the motion on the floor, Senator Arturo Bagur (working group) said that Minorca’s candidacy already counts with the support of the autonomous region and the central administration, but the backing of the senate (or Cámara Alta) is also important.

Minorca, with an area of 700 km and 85,000 residents, has been a biosphere reserve since 1993; its population is well aware of the intrinsic fragility of an island territory and there is general support for sustainable development, stressed Bagur.

Such places are terrestrial and coastal ecosystems of value and where biodiversity conservation is combined with sustainable uses of natural resources.

Should Minorca be chosen to host the world headquarters, the facility would be located in the current interpretation centre for the biosphere reserve.

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