Proceeding of the Ninth International SUMAMAD Workshop (14-19 December 2011, Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso)

Within the framework of the second phase of the Project “Sustainable Management of Marginal Drylands” (SUMAMAD-2), UNESCO, the UNESCO National Commission of Burkina Faso, the National Committee of Burkina Faso for the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme and the National Center of Scientific and Technological Research (CNRST) organized the project’s Ninth International Workshop which was held in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) from 14-19 December 2011.

The Ninth International SUMAMAD Workshop brought together the designated national project coordinators from Bolivia, Burkina Faso, China, Egypt, India, Jordan, Pakistan, Tunisia and the members of the project’s core management group. The workshop’s objectives were to review the implementation of the SUMAMAD project and its national field project activities since 2010 and to discuss technical issues for the implementation of the SUMAMAD project in 2011 and the future project activities planned for 2012.


Progress reports presented by the participant countries during the Ninth International SUMAMAD Workshop


Managing sustainability of new quinoa production systems through farming systems management and market insertion
By Dr. Magali Garcia Cardenas and Eng. M. Sc. Jorge Cusicanqui, Institute of Agricultural Research and Natural Resources of the Faculty of Agronomy, Universidad Mayor de San Andres

Burkina Faso

Promotion of Alternative Activities for Sustainable Agriculture and the Conservation in Hippopotamus Pond Biosphere Reserve, Burkina Faso
By Jean Noël Poda and Théophile O. Dibloni, National Centre for Scientific and Technological Research (CNRST)


Sustainable Management of the Restored Hunshandake Sandland: Basic Scientific Research and Income Generation
By Jiang Gaoming, State Key Laboratory of Vegetation Science and Environmental Change, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Omayed Biosphere Reserve, Egypt
Prof. Boshra Salem, Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science University of Alexandria


Rehabilitation of degraded rangelands and stabilization of production in arable arid land of Thar Desert
By Dr. T.K. Bhati, Central Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur, India

Iran (Islamic Republic of)

AQUITOPIA (An Aquifer Management-based Utopia), Gareh Bygone Plain, Islamic Republic of Iran
Compiled by Mansour Esfandiari Baiat, Mehrdad Mohammadnia and Mohammad Hossein Ravanbakhsh (REaSSURED)


Community-based grazing management at Al-Barrah area in Dana Biosphere Reserve
By Maen Smadi, The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN)


Management Practices for Rehabilitation of Degraded Dryland Ranges, Lal Sohanra Biosphere Reserve, Pakistan
By Engr. Zamir Ahmed Soomro, Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources Regional office, Bahawalpur


Drylands management in the arid regions of Tunisia. Watershed of Zeuss-Koutine and Bouhedma biosphere reserve.
By Dr Mohamed Ouessar, Institut des Régions Arides (IRA)

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