The "Future of Drylands" Conference

Tunis, Tunisia, 19-21 June 2006

One of the major events of the 2006 "United Nations International Year of Deserts and Desertification".

Organized by UNESCO in collaboration with over 20 international other organizations, the conference on "The Future of Drylands" brought together some 400 participants from all world regions to take stock of 50 years of drylands research and to identify future research priorities for sustainable dryland development.

Conference participants adopted the Tunis Declaration on "Research Priorities to Promote Sustainable Development in Drylands" (English; French).

See summaries of conference sessions:

  • Session 1: Conservation of Biodiversity, Cultural and Natural Heritage in Drylands
  • Session 2: Dryland Hydrology and Watershed Management
  • Session 3: Monitoring and Forecasting of Dryland Ecosystem Dynamics
  • Session 4: Sustainable Land Use and Agriculture
  • Session 5: Disaster and Risk Management in Drylands
  • Session 6: Policy, Governance and Socio-economic Dynamics in Changing Drylands
  • Session 7: Viable Dryland Livelihoods and Policy Options
  • Session 8: Education and Knowledge Sharing in Drylands


The conference proceedings can be ordered through UNESCO Publishing.

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