SUMAMAD activities during Phase 2 (2009-2013)

© Thomas Schaaf
9th SUMAMAD Workshop, Burkina Faso

1. Fostering scientific drylands research: Improvement of dryland agriculture (crop and livestock production) through the sustainable use of natural resources focusing on sustainable water conservation and harvesting practices; Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded drylands focusing on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural biotic resources.

2. Preparation of policy-relevant guidelines for decision-makers in drylands: Developing scenarios for land-use changes (also in the context of climate change) including the assessment of trade-offs and economic valuation of dryland services; Interfacing with relevant policy-formulation institutions and processes in the respective countries.

3. Promoting sustainable livelihoods in drylands: Encouraging alternative income-generating activities - diversification of economic options, such as ecotourism, handicraft production, forages, herbal medicine, dietary diversification, in order to reduce dependencies on traditional dryland agriculture.

SUMAMAD Brochure

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