PCCP's research focuses on successful examples of cooperation over transboundary waters, the causes of water conflicts, best practices, and innovative water management techniques. The project's publications are useful to water management professionals, researchers and students working on issues related to transboundary waters.

Disciplinary studies analyze historical experiences and review existing legal, diplomatic and systems analysis tools, through the lens of their applicability to resolving water-related conflicts.

Case studies reflect the status of conflict and cooperation in specific transboundary basins around the world. These publications are authored by experts directly involved in the management of the selected river basin and offer many lessons on the root causes of conflicts. They also offer best practices for successful cooperation strategies in transboundary water resources management. The legal, political and economic aspects that make each case unique lie at the center of the experts' work.

Training material has been produced to support the courses offered by PCCP. They cover a wide range of topics relevant to transboundary water management and conflict resolution techniques. Some of them are global while others are region specific. 

A special series on water and conflict resolution and other publications have been produced through the project.

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