An Educational Tool to Examine the Development Constraints in the Limpopo River Basin


The primary goal of our approach is to develop an educational tool for use in capacity building in the Limpopo basin region and train policy making staff.

Exercises based on this tool could be put together to develop policy targets for multinational negotiations training and for regional or national vision validation.

Consequently, in this work we are interested in understanding the development constraints of the Limpopo River basin in southeastern Africa covering the important countries of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Mozambique. A scenario-based approach is used to understand possible development scenarios of these basin countries. Conceptual and mathematical models have been built (for population, economy, food supply and demand, and water demand, supply, and use) with data from credible sources. This has been incorporated for use in the decision support system Globesight to look into possible futures. Multiple hypothetical scenarios were created and are discussed in this report. Such scenarios may be evaluated then for effectiveness based on conservation effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and desirability of implementation.

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