Training Material

The training materials of PCCP concentrate on the enhancement of skills for the successful management of transboundary water resources. They address a wide target audience, ranging from postgraduate students to high-level decision makers. 

Since 2001, PCCP has developed general training material as well as material adapted to the regional specificities of Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Trainers from across the selected regions are involved in the development and delivery of the course material. The trainers come from a variety of fields to ensure the interdisciplinary nature of the course. Once the pilot phase of the training is complete, the course material is evaluated, improved and finalized. It is then distributed to local training institutions for further dissemination.

General Training Material

Regional Course Material and Reports


  • Courses on Conflict Prevention and Cooperation in International Water Resources in the South African Developing Community, November 2002
    Access the courses material


  • Course on the Prevention of Conflicts and the Cooperation in the Water Resource Management in Latin America, January 2006
    Access the courses material


  • Courses on Co-operation and Prevention of Conflicts in the Management of Transboundary Waters in South East Europe, October 2006
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Electronic Capacity Building Tools

  • Conflict Resolution Support System (CRSS)
    The Conflict Resolution Support System includes computational modules necessary to resolve conflicts resulting from water shortages in irrigation, drinking water supply, hydropower generation and floods. Its principal components include an artificial intelligence-based communication system, a database management system, and a model base management system.
    Access the users' manual, PDF format (6.27 MB)
    Download the CRSS Software, ZIP format (14.4 MB)
  • The Climate Game
    The Climate Quest is an electronic game that was developed with the support of UNESCO’s PCCP. Its goal is to create awareness and start a dialogue among youngsters about climate change and its consequences on the management of transboundary water resources.
    The Climate Quest
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