IHP-VII: Water Dependencies: Systems Under Stress and Societal Responses

The transition to IHP-VII is based on the principle of continuity with change, with IHP building on lessons learned from results achieved in earlier phases of the programme.


  • Adapting to the impacts of global changes on river basins and aquifer systems
  • Strengthening water governance for sustainability
  • Ecohydrology for sustainability
  • Water and life support systems
  • Water education for sustainable development
Overview of the relationships between the core themes of IHP VII, and the crosscutting and associated programme components


  • promoting leading edge research that provides policy-relevant advice to Member States;
  • facilitating education and capacity development as a response to the growing needs linked to sustainable development;
  • enhancing governance in water resources management to achieve ecosystem sustainability.

Outcomes of IHP-VII should establish pathways and benchmarks for water management in the decades to come. They should contribute to sustaining human and environmental health wherever water-dependent systems are under pressure and effective societal responses are not yet in place.

The results achieved during this phase strive to be practical so that both scientific communities and civil society can apply and benefit from them.

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