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IHP Secretariat

IHP’s activities are implemented thanks to the efforts of its Secretariat, located in UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The Secretariat provides studies, information, and facilities needed to perform the programme’s activities, and its duties range from the daily responsibilities of maintaining a professional office, to in-the-field decisions on water-related issues around the world.

The postal address for IHP is:
International Hydrological Programme (IHP)
UNESCO/Division of Water Sciences (SC/HYD)
1 rue Miollis
75732 Paris Cedex 15
Tel : +33 1 45 68 40 01
Fax: +33 1 45 68 58 11
Email: ihp(at)unesco.org

Following is a list of members of the IHP Secretariat:

Office of the Secretary and Director

Blanca Jiménez-Cisneros
Secretary, International Hydrological Programme (IHP)
Director, Division of Water Sciences

Miguel de França Doria
Assistant Programme Specialist

Anna Movsisyan
Assistant to Secretary and Director 

Sandrine Baron

Office of the Deputy Secretary

Bisher Imam
Deputy Secretary, International Hydrological Programme (IHP)

Vicente Leogardo
Assistant Programme Specialist

Dominique Lozano
Assistant to Deputy Secretary

Section on Groundwater Systems

Alice Aureli
Chief of Section

Holger Treidel
Assistant Programme Specialist

Ros Wright
Section Assistant

Matthew Lagod

Lucilla Minelli

Marina Rubio

Raya Stephan

Section on Hydrological Systems and Global Change

Siegfried Demuth
Chief of Section

Anil Mishra
Programme Specialist

Kazuaki Yoshida
Programme Specialist

Barbara Kavuma Lwanga
Section Assistant

Section on Urban Water Systems

Chief of Section

Sarantuyaa Zandaryaa
Programme Specialist

Section on Water and Sustainable Development

Chief of Section

Giuseppe Arduino
Programme Specialist

Lena Salame 
Programme Specialist

Georgette Gobina
Section Assistant

Alexander Otte

Secretariat of the UN World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) 

Regional Hydrologists

The UNESCO Regional Offices are responsible for the implementation of IHP at the regional level. Regional Hydrologists are posted in the field and serve as IHP focal points for all issues relating to the Programme, both at regional and national levels. The following Regional Hydrologists are currently working in coordination with the IHP Secretariat:

Abou Amani
Regional Hydrologist for Africa, UNESCO Nairobi Office

Regional Hydrologist for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO Jakarta Office

Regional Hydrologist for Central and South Asia, UNESCO New Delhi Office

Philippe Pypaert
Regional Hydrologist for Europe, UNESCO Venice Office

Zelmira May
Regional Hydrologist a.i. for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNESCO Montevideo Office

Regional Hydrologist for Arab States, UNESCO Cairo Office

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