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22 new members elected to the Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO

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UNESCO’s Member States attending the 36th session of the General Conference, the Organization’s highest governing body, have elected 22 new members to the 36-member Intergovernmental Council of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP).

Below is a list of elected countries, by electoral group:

Group I: Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland

Group II: Azerbaijan, Poland, Russian Federation

Group III: Chile, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Uruguay

Group IV: Australia, Mongolia, Pakistan

Group V (a): Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali

Group V (b): Kuwait, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Yemen

States are elected to the IHP Intergovernmental Council for a term of four years. The new IHP Council members join 14 others elected during the previous session of the General Conference, in 2009, and whose mandate will expire in 2013: Italy, Portugal, United States of America (Group I); Serbia (Group II); Cuba, Mexico (Group III); Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Republic of Korea (Group IV); Nigeria, Uganda (Group Va); Jordan, Morocco (Group Vb).

UNESCO-IHP extends a warm welcome to the new IHP Council members and looks forward to their invaluable contribution to the planning, definition of priorities, and supervision of the execution of IHP.  Among the main tasks of the IHP Intergovernmental Council at its forthcoming 20th session, tentatively scheduled to be held beginning of June 2012 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, will be the review and endorsement of the strategic plan of the Eighth Phase of IHP (2014-2019).

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