28.10.2011 - UNESCO Venice Office

H2ooooh! Initiative and the Pet Pals at the Open UNESCO Exhibition

©UNESCO/GRUPPO ALCUNI -H2Ooooh! initiative trailer

The H2Ooooh! Initiative is about to launch a new series of animated cartoons featuring the famous Pet Pals created by Gruppo Alcuni. The new cartoons will be based on short stories about water related issues invented by children around the world. Using the universal language of cartoons they will contribute to the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UN-DESD) in a creative and effective way.

A mini conference will take place on Tuesday 1 November from 1pm to 2pm within the Open UNESCO Exhibition - “One Planet/One Ocean”, during the 36th Session of the UNESCO General Conference. The H2Ooooh! Initiative has demonstrated to be a unique means of science education and communication for children. Through their active involvement, they learn to share and exchange with each other their natural and cultural diversities using the universal language of cartoons and animation. The UNESCO Venice Office together with Gruppo Alcuni are planning to extend the second series of new H2Ooooh! Initiative cartoons around the world.

A brief welcome message will be provided by Gretchen Kalonji, ADG for Natural Sciences followed by updated news on the progress of this activity by Engelbert Ruoss, Director of the UNESCO Venice Office and Giovanna Masobello, Head of Gruppo Alcuni (Italy) Press Office.  Colleagues from other UNESCO Field Offices enthusiastically involved in promoting this activity in their region will provide brief updates. During the presentation, some of the animated cartoons created and drawn by schoolchildren from the first series will be screened as well as the promotional trailers encouraging children around the world to participate in the second series.

The cartoons will also be available for viewing on the touch screens of the permanent Open UNESCO Exhibition, in the two thematic sections dedicated to One Planet/One Ocean and Knowledge Sharing :

  • ep. 23 HEROES OF WATER SAVING [2' 15”]  Let's learn to save water! Nameless teaches his friends simple tricks to avoid wasting this precious resource. But it is crucial that everyone does their bit. The Pet Pals will travel the world teaching others this important lesson. - watch
  • ep. 03 IN SEARCH OF LOST HAT [2' 13”] A mischievous wind sends the Pet Pals on a wild chase from the mountains to the sea, to reclaim No Name’s cap. During their adventure they also learn how to intervene because the natural water cycle is becoming polluted. - watch
  • ep. 11 AN ECO-FRIENDLY TRIP [2' 12”] If it wasn’t for all this garbage…how lovely the sea would be! In an attempt to locate where the garbage is coming from, the Pet Pals go scuba diving with oxygen tanks and flippers. But cleaning up a small area of the sea is not enough…everyone must do their part and not throw garbage into the sea. - watch
  • ep. 13 NAMELESS AND POLLUTION [2' 13”] Oh no! The hole in the ozone layer could cause the icebergs to melt and the water could reach as far as the pyramids. A solution must be found and, to avoid the problem, the Pet Pals encourage everyone to pollute less and use their bicycles more. - watch
  • ep. 04 LINA'S PREDICAMENT [2' 16”] How terrible: Lina, the little drop, has been polluted. Only the Pet Pals can help her by making sure that the nearby factory uses the necessary cleaning filters and that all the rubbish is removed from the lake. But everyone has to chip in and lend a hand! - watch
  • ep. 18 INGENIOUS LAZINESS [2' 14”] Some are less fortunate than others. In many hot countries it isn't just enough to turn on a tap for fresh water to come out, the water has to be carried in buckets for long distances and it is often hard to come by. Top Hat knows this very well and explains that we should be grateful for running water. - watch
  • ep. 08 BAR OF SOAP [2' 15”] Top Hat, being his usual clumsy self, has washed his paws and forgotten to turn off the water… Not only does Lisetta, the poor little bar of soap, nearly drown, but litres and litres of water are wasted. The Pet Pals however arrive in time and… give poor Top Hat a good talking to! - watch

The teaser announcing the new cartoon series is also available for viewing : H2O trailer [0:57].

To know more about the H2Ooooh! Initiative, please visit the multimedia islands One Planet/One Ocean and Knowledge Sharing (Hall Segur) of the permanent Open Exhibition as well as the dedicated website

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