20.10.2011 - Natural Sciences Sector

ISARM Americas holds coordination meeting

The IX Coordination Meeting of ISARM Americas shall take place in Medellin, Colombia, on 16-19 November 2011, within the 7th Inter-American Dialogue on Water Resources Management.

The ISARM Americas programme is a joint effort of UNESCO through its International Hydrological Programme and the Organization of American States through its Department of Sustainable Development. The ISARM Americas group is presently working on its 4th publication that shall include guidelines for the strategic management of transboundary aquifers of the Americas based on the outcomes of the work carried out by the programme that so far includes an inventory of such aquifers and a compilation of its main hydrogeological, socio-economic, environmental, legal, and institutional features. The 4th publication of the ISARM Americas series will be launched in the occasion of the World Water Forum 6 in Marseille, March 2012.

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