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Joint development of a practical sediment management training course by UNESCO ISI and SedNet

There are no examples yet of the fully fledged integration of sediment management into Integrated Water Resources Management. This was a key driver of the initiation of ISI as well as SedNet.

The International Sediment Initiative (ISI) was launched by UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP). ISI promotes sustainable sediment management at the global scale in an effort to contribute to sustainable water resources management. The initiative assesses erosion and sediment transport by rivers to lakes, reservoirs and marine environments, aimed at the creation of a holistic approach for the remediation and conservation of surface waters. ISI aims to develop a decision support framework for sediment management, in order to provide guidance on legislative and institutional solutions, applicable to various socio-economic and physiographic settings, in the context of global changes.

SedNet is a leading European network aimed at incorporating sediment issues and knowledge into relevant European and national policies, in order to support the achievement of good environmental status and to develop and facilitate the implementation of new tools for sediment management. SedNet brings together sediment professionals from science, administration, management, NGOs, consultancy and industry.

ISI and SedNet are convinced that a dedicated, practical training course on sustainable sediment management will be an important tool for promoting the further integration of sediment into IWRM. ISI and SedNet – each with their own perfectly complementary perspectives and areas of interest – can bring together the state-of-art in scientific as well as practical knowledge on sustainable sediment management. ISI and SedNet now offer to make that knowledge available for the joint development of such a training course.

A delegation of ISI and of SedNet will meet on 18 and 19 August in Paris at UNESCO HQ to bring this idea to a next level. In the Paris meeting, the delegates will, amongst others, discuss, digest and then propose the potential topics to be addressed in the course and will agree upon a proposed outline for the course. Furthermore, the delegates will refine a roadmap for the development and testing of the training course and will discuss funding possibilities.

Anil Mishra on behalf of UNESCO ISI, and Jos Brils on behalf of SedNet, will keep you informed on the further development of this joint initiative.

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