20.10.2011 - Natural Sciences Sector

Launch of a "Platform of Solutions" within the framework of the 6th World Water Forum

The Secretariat of the 6th World Water Forum launched a participative platform through which the public at large is able to contribute to the Forum by suggesting solutions to a variety of water issues. UNESCO’s PCCP and ISARM programmes invite you to contribute to the Priority for Action 1.5 entitled "Contribute to Cooperation and Peace through Water".

The 6th World Water Forum, to be held from 12-17 March 2012 in Marseille, France, establishes 12 priorities for action (PfA), that drive the contributions of the world water community towards a more healthy, prosperous and resilient blue planet, and that are completed by three cross-cutting Conditions for Success. Under each Priority for Action, a series of targets translates the identified issues into concrete and achievable objectives at all levels.

UNESCO through its PCCP programme acts as the coordinator of PfA 1.5 entitled "Contribute to Cooperation and Peace". It is supported by a Core Group of institutions including INBO (International Network of Basin Organizations) who acts as a co-coordinator, GEF (Global Environment Facility), OAS (Organization of American States), OMVS (Organisation pour la mise en valeur du fleuve Sénégal) and SIC ICWC (Scientific-Information Center of Interstate Coordination Water Commission of Central Asia). This PfA is in turn divided into three issues with nine targets underpinning them:

  1. Legal arrangements
    1. Increase the understanding and practice of international law
    2. Increase the number of international agreements
    3. Increase the number of cooperation mechanisms related to groundwater
  2. Joint Management Practices & Institutions
    1. Increase the number of formal & informal institutions
    2. Develop local and international solutions for water-related conflicts
    3. Develop sustainable financial mechanisms to support institutions
  3. Education & Capacity Building
    1. Development and exchange of data and guidelines
    2. Increase the number of trained groups for mediation and conflict resolution
    3. Increase support to centres, institutions, and basins

In order to enable a widespread involvement and to trigger concrete contributions the Forum, the Secretariat has established a web-based "Platform of Solutions" open to all stakeholders and public at large through which everybody can propose and access feasible solutions for the achievement of all identified targets. Existing or innovative solutions can be legal (a law, a decree, a treaty...), technical (an appropriate device, a plant, a tool, a software...), institutional (governance structures, plans, policies...), financial (levy, transfers, tariffs...) or communication-related (advocacy campaigns, videos, leaflets...). Above all, the solution must contribute to tackling a key water-related issue and help reach the World Water Forum targets in any regions in the world.

You are invited to contribute to this platform by suggesting and sharing your solutions within the framework of PfA 1.5 Contribute to Cooperation and Peace through Water.

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