30.11.2011 - Natural Sciences Sector

UNESCO-IHE 2020: Paving the road toward a global campus


UNESCO-IHE would like to highlight the changes taking place at the Institute as we move toward a global campus, pursuing enhanced and effective international academic collaboration and intensifying existing relations with partners and institutes in international learning alliances.

The global campus will be an interdisciplinary environment in which a new generation of water professionals is able to explore insights into water problems from many different perspectives, and contribute to the development of creative, integrated and sustainable solutions.

The resulting water leaders will blend solid knowledge and understanding of one discipline with cognitive competencies outside that discipline, enhanced by an effective combination of functional, personal and ethical competencies.

Internal changes are needed to support this shift toward a global campus, reflecting the aim to provide a broad range of knowledge without overlooking the need for in-depth expertise in specific fields.

Following these internal reforms, the Institute will have three academic departments that are in line with the global developments in scientific research and education in the field of water and environment. These departments are sufficiently distinct in academic orientation and approaches to water systems, while enabling synergies to be found in project activities.

These departments have become operational since 1 October 2011, and in January 2012 UNESCO-IHE’s external communication - including its website - will start to reflect these changes.

For now, we are pleased to announce the three new academic departments and their new Heads of Department and Deputy Heads of Department, who will be leading them for the coming three years.

  • Water Science and Engineering
    Head of Department: Prof. Arthur Mynett
    Deputy Head of Department: Dr. Erik de Ruyter van Steveninck
  • Environmental Engineering and Water Technology
    Head of Department: Prof. Damir Brdanovic
    Deputy Head of Department: Dr. Saroj Sharma
  • Integrated Water Systems and Governance
    Head of Department: Prof. Pieter van der Zaag
    Deputy Head of Department: Dr. Ioana Popescu

UNESCO-IHE looks forward to working with its students, researchers, alumni and partners to meet the global challenges in the water sector. Together, we have a key task in transferring knowledge and research to achieve the world’s development goals over the next decade.

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