04.10.2011 - Natural Sciences Sector

Working towards water education: the development of informal water education material

A sample graphic created to illustrate the stories for children. © UNESCO Cairo Office (UCO)

For enhancing school students' awareness towards rational use, conservation and protection of water resources in the Arab region, the UNESCO Cairo Office (UCO) supported the preparation of informal water education material for school students addressing different target groups. The developed material covered the upper elementary, intermediate and secondary school age groups promoting the concept of sustainable development.

  • The developed educational content uses different pedagogical styles including case studies, short novels, attractive narrative and dialogues. The material is to be used by teachers, supervisors, facilitators and trainees working with different age groups focusing on exchanging knowledge and experiences of water best practices and water ethics among students.
  • Currently, the UCO is also working on the development of 2-D 'Still Image Cartoons' based on the developed short novels mentioned above. Such cartoons will be converted to 'e-learning style' using still images or illustrations to raise the levels of "water ethics literacy" amongst school students and to reach wider student/teacher audiences over the Internet.
  • An interactive participatory approach is adopted within the development of this project involving some Egyptian school students. This participatory approach involved a number of school students with age range between 8-14 years in addition to their parents whose feedback was extremely valuable for the refinement of the project.

The project will be completed by October 2011.

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