03.07.2013 - Natural Sciences Sector

WWAP at the High-Level International Conference on Water Cooperation

The Republic of Tajikistan in cooperation with UN agencies, convenes the International High-Level Conference on Water Cooperation in Dushanbe on 20-22 August 2013, according to the General Assembly Resolution A/67/204 ‘Implementation of the International Year of Water Cooperation, 2013’, adopted last December.
The main purpose of the Conference is to promote dialogue and mutual understanding and to strengthen the partnership and cooperation on water issues among all stakeholders at all levels.
UNESCO, as the lead agency in the coordination of the International Year of Water Cooperation, is playing a supporting role in the preparation of the Conference in a number of ways. 

The Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, will participate in the opening plenary session of the Conference, and WWAP Coordinator, Olcay Ünver, will serve as co-chair of the International Steering Committee. Two of UNESCO’s programmes, the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and the World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) will organize a special focused event on ’Hydrodiplomacy: dealing with water interdependencies to achieve water security for all’. UNESCO will also co-lead a thematic session on ‘Water Cooperation for the World We Want’, in partnership with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). In addition, UNESCO will form part of the Gender Forum on Women for Water Cooperation, organized by the Women for Water Partnership (WfWP), and contribute to the exhibition ‘Water Unites Us’, where WWAP and IHP will display UNESCO's publications.


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