Slogan contest for Water Cooperation 2013

Water security challenges are increasingly taking on a global dimension due to increasing water scarcity and uncertainty that impact people and their livelihoods, energy, food and ecosystems. Although these changes are global, no institution or country can face the challenges they pose alone: international scientific cooperation is needed.

By declaring 2013 the International Year of Water Cooperation, the international community recognizes the importance of the peaceful management and use of water resources, working together towards a common goal, in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Get involved!

You can contribute to the campaign for the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation 2013 by participating in the slogan contest: your submission could become the official slogan! The winner will be invited to the kickoff meeting of the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation 2013 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, in January 2013. The prize includes airfare to Paris and accommodation for two nights.

The three best entries will be selected by a committee of representatives from UN-Water, UNESCO and partners. The public will vote for their favorite online and select the winner.


  • The slogan must be written in clear, concise English and reflect the aim of the campaign for Water Cooperation 2013. We are looking for a short, catchy slogan that is easy to understand and appeals to a wide audience.
  • The slogan should encapsulate the aim of the campaign, i.e. – raising awareness of the potential for increased cooperation to address the challenges facing water management and allocation in light of the growing demands to satisfy multiple needs.
  • The Selection committee will evaluate entries based on originality, creativity, and relevance to the topic and purpose of the campaign.
  • UN-Water and UNESCO reserve the right to refuse any slogan they deem inappropriate.
  • By entering the contest, the winner grants UN-Water exclusive rights to the winning slogan for use in any format during the campaign for Water Cooperation 2013.

The contest is open to all, with the exception of those involved with the campaign (employees of UN Water, UNESCO and partners) or their immediate family members.

Submission of entries:  27 August-15 November 2012
Online voting for the winner: 30 November - 25 December 2012
Announcement of the winner: 31 December 2012. The winner will be notified by email before the public announcement is made.

The winner will be announced publically during the official launch of the Year, on 11 February 2013.

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