Launch of the World Water Development Report 2015, Water for a Sustainable World

The 2015 edition of the United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR 2015), titled Water for a Sustainable World, has been launched at the official celebration of the World Water Day, on March 20, in New Delhi. Download the Report and the Case Studies and Indicators volume. Read more

Watch the video: The future of water: a vision for 2050

WWAP at the Universal Exposition 2015

WWAP participated at  Universal Exposition 2015 with a two-day high level conference on ‘Water for a Sustainable World’, on May 21 and 22 . The main highlight of the event has been the presentation of the main findings of the most recent UN World Water Development Report (2015 edition).

International water experts and United Nations representatives who contributed to the Report provided an analysis that demonstrates how water is a key factor in a future sustainable world.

The event took place at the EXPO Venice Pavilion, where from May 3rd to October 31st the universal exhibition dedicated to water, Aquae Venezia, occurs.

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ISS astronaut echoes the findings of the 2015 World Water Development Report from outer space

© Samantha Cristoforetti A drop of water floats above Samantha Cristoforetti’s hand in zero gravity, on the ISS.


On Earth, like on ISS, water is limited: let's use it wisely. We're all crew of spaceship Earth,” cautioned Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, tweeting from the International Space Station. Her tweet echoed the messages of the 2015 United Nations World Water Development Report, which was being launched at the same time (20 March) in New Delhi to mark World Water Day celebrations.

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