WWAP Premises - Facilities

The property is composed of four buildings on two hectares of land.

Copyright © UNESCO 2008. Photo: Michel Ravassard

Conferencing facility

The Villa is the main building where most events are hosted, it offers the following facilities:

  • 2 conference rooms that can accommodate 90 people each,
  • 4 meeting rooms that can accommodate approximately 14 people each,

All rooms are equiped with computer and video-projector, flipboards, free WiFi internet access and can be equiped with microphones / recording facilities upon request and at the charge of the convener.

Housing facility

The Hotel comprises 40 single rooms and 12 offices refurbished to host WWAP’s guests.

Please contact us for availability.


Two additional buildings, the Casa Colonica and the Limonaia host the WWAP Secretariat offices.

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