WWAP Secretariat

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WWAP’s current organizational structure consists of a core secretariat team and administrative unit, as well as an extended team of professionals responsible for the implementation and development of the WWDR and other WWAP activities.

WWAP Secretariat, responsible for coordinating and carrying out the general functions of the Programme, is located in Perugia, Italy.

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Executive Office

Ms. Michela Miletto, Deputy Coordinator
E.mail: m.miletto@unesco.org


Ms. Angela Cordeiro Ortigara, Programme Officer (Synthesis Report)
Email: a.ortigara@unesco.org

Mr. Richard Connor, Editor in Chief (WWDR)
E-mail: r.connor@unesco.org

Ms. Natalia Uribe Pando, Programme Specialist in Policy, Advocacy and Valorization




Mr. Arturo Frascani, Office Assistant
Phone: +39 075 591 1011
E-mail: a.frascani@unesco.org

Ms. Lucia Chiodini, Administrative Assistant
Phone: +39 075 591 1018
Email: l.chiodini@unesco.org

Communications and Publications

Mr. Laurens Thuy, Gender and Communications Consultant
Email: l.thuy@unesco.org

Ms. Valentina Abete, Publications Assistant
Email: v.abete@unesco.org

IT and Security

Mr. Michele Brensacchi, Security Guard and IT Clerk
E.mail: m.brensacchi@unesco.org

Mr. Fabio Bianchi, Security Guard
E.mail: f.bianchi@unesco.org

Mr. Francesco Gioffredi, Security Guard
E.mail: f.gioffredi@unesco.org

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