The project was designed to cover some key topics of high relevance within the context of water and sustainable development and to take into consideration the current debate on the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as well as the findings of the WWDR 2015. The following training modules were developed and published in Coursebook Volume 1:



  • Section 1: Sustainable development, SDGs and Water;
  • Section 2: Data and information (Baselines assessment studies, data, water budget);
  • Section 3: Competing users and uses: the water nexus (Agriculture, Food, Energy and Environment);
  • Section 4: Adapting to the impacts of extreme conditions (Risk, Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies);
  • Section 5: Getting the most of the water resources: IWRM and IRBM, water conjunctive uses;
  • Section 6: Planning for sustainable cities (Planning water in complex urban settlements.

The coursebook was meant to facilitate the execution and comprehension of the training but also as an instrument to take home, and refer to, when applying and implementing the methods learnt during the training while performing duties in water resources management in participants’ own countries.

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