Sharing the knowledge

WWAP aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge on the international, inter-regional and local level in order to reach the wide range of beneficiaries. The nature of the material to be disseminated consists of the information and main messages contained in the WWDR series, as well as the content of the Capacity Building workshops on Water and Sustainable Development which are held at the WWAP Premises.  The goal is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and best management practices and stimulate collaboration among different countries, regions, and stakeholders. This is in line with what was repeatedly highlighted in the WWDR series that “Water professionals need a better understanding of the broader social, economic and political context, while politicians need to be better informed about water resource issues.” 

Water and Sustainable Development

The success of the two editions of the “Capacity Building on Water and Sustainable Development” (October 2015 and July 2016) inspired several participants to organize regional workshops and seminars in order to disseminate the newly acquired knowledge, from the workshop attended at WWAP Secretariat to the local communities. Little by little we are receiving feedbacks on several activities promoted by participants.

WWDR 2016 Promotional Events

A number of participants to the first workshop on Water and Sustainable Development, also organized regional launches or promotional events on the occasion of World Water Day and the newly launched WWDR 2016 on Water and Jobs in their region or communities. They served as 'WWAP Ambassadors' as their efforts highly contributed to the local dissemination of the Report's main messages and helped increase its visibility. An overview of these WWDR 2016 launches in Africa:

These events were part of a large number of regional launches



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