Alleviating poverty in Kenya (WWDR2, 2006)

Click on the map to access a detailed view. Map prepared for WWAP by AFDEC.

In order to alleviate poverty in Kenya, where water scarcity is already a seriously limiting factor for development, the Kenyan Government has proposed the Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERS, 2003-2007).

The ERS promotes the implementation of initiatives to facilitate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The Strategy recognizes water as a pivotal element in poverty reduction and proposes adopting an approach that has a strong emphasis on providing services to the poor while ensuring adequate water for the various competing demands.


ERS builds on the poverty reduction strategy programme of Kenya (initiated in 2000) which is committed to providing water and sanitation services to the majority of the poor at a 'reasonable distance': less than 2 km. The proposed strategy is to involve communities and local authorities more actively in the management of water and sewerage systems and services.

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