Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe-Pskovskoe, Estonia and the Russian Federation (WWDR1, 2003)

Click on the map to access a detailed view. Map prepared for WWAP by AFDEC.

LAKE PEIPSI/CHUDSKOE-PSKOVSKOE, a transboundary lake that discharges into the Baltic Sea, is shared by Estonia and the Russian Federation, both of which are responsible for its management. There is abundant water to meet the needs of an ageing, essentially rural, local population. However, uncontrolled fishing,eutrophication and pollution from untreated wastewater and power plant emissions have put the environment under increasing pressure.
A joint water commission was created in 1997, but so far the economic potential of the area is underexploited, and more could be done to engage local and regional authorities, stakeholders and private businesses in solving common problems. Many changes will have to occur in 2004/5, as Estonia must adopt new standards in order to gain entry to the European Union.

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