08.02.2010 -

From Commitment to Action: UNESCO’s contribution to IYB

International Year of Biodiversity 2010

Biodiversity conservation, on which every aspect of human well-being and the achievement of the international development goals depends, can only be tackled by taking into account the multidisciplinary dimension of the challenge it represents.

This is where UNESCO can effectively contribute to building and filling the gaps in the scientific knowledge base on biodiversity, by taking the cultural dimensions of biodiversity use into account and by raisingawareness, educating and communicating on the vital importance of its sustainable use. The following are the main UNESCO IYB activities, in collaboration with a variety of partners:  

High-level Inaugural Event: 21 and 22 January 2010, UNESCO, Paris — Presentations and discussions by infl uential decision- and policy-makers, experts and opinion-makers to raise awareness on the global biodiversity challenge;

UNESCO IYB Biodiversity Science-Policy Conference: 25 to 29 January 2010, UNESCO, Paris — Scientific conference to contribute to knowledge on biodiversity responses to climate change and priority setting for the science-policy interface, research and funding;

IYB travelling exhibition: Launch 21 January 2010, UNESCO, Paris — Exhibition conveying the main IYB messages to raise awareness among, and to educate policyand decision-makers, students and general public audiences;

Biodiversity Learning Kit: Launch October 2010, CBD COP meeting Nagoya, Japan — Educational kit on biodiversity for teachers and trainers to raise awareness and educate young and wider public audiences through an easy-to-use and appealing tool;

International Conference on Biological and Cultural Diversity: June/July 2010, Montreal, Canada — International conference to exchange knowledge and practices linking biological and cultural diversity and to elaborate a programme of work to be jointly implemented by UNESCO, the CBD and other partners;

Special Side Event on Gender and Biodiversity: 27 January 2010 UNESCO IYB Biodiversity Science-Policy Conference — Workshop exploring the links between gender and biodiversity to provide recommendations for taking into account the gender perspective in biodiversity-related research, policies and management.   Join UNESCO through science, culture, education and communication to conserve the variety of life on Earth.

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