15.11.2019 - Natural Sciences Sector

Climate Change and Water Management: action for resilient planet

©The Permanent Mission of Italy to the UN

The Permanent Mission of Finland, Hungary, Italy and Tajikistan organized a roundtable discussion on “Climate Change and Water Management: action for resilient planet”, hosted by the Permanent Mission of Italy to the United Nations in New York, on 14 November.

The roundtable aimed at enhancing the dialogue among members of the Group of Friends of Water, other interested Members States, relevant UN institutions and experts on water related issues, offering the possibility for an exchange of views and best practices. The discussion focused on how climate change is increasing variability in the water cycle and inducing extreme events while reducing the predictability of water availability. In addition to the co-organizing counties, other Member States - Thailand, Egypt, Morocco, Brazil, Switzerland — intervened to support actions for improved water management to combat impacts and causes of Climate Change.

UNESCO WWAP contributed to the discussion with a teaser presentation of the upcoming World Water Development Report 2020 on “Water and Climate Change” - to be published on 22 March 2020. The Report describes the challenges, opportunities and potential responses to climate change – in terms of adaptation, mitigation and resilience – that can be addressed through improved water resources management while providing water supply and sanitation services for all.

The event concluded highlighting the need to take water stress into account by national planning, and to intensify and renew partnership and funding in support of SDG6.

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