24.09.2018 - Natural Sciences Sector

Regional Training Workshop on Effective Management of Water Quality and Emerging Pollutants in Water and Wastewater in Sub-Saharan Africa

New and emerging pollutants present a new global water quality challenge with potentially-serious threats to human health and ecosystems. Good quality water is essential to sustain human well-being, livelihoods and a healthy environment for the post-2015 sustainable development.

UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), in collaboration with UNESCO International Hydrological Programme - International Initiative on Water Quality (IIWQ), the Regional Centre for Integrated River basin Management (RC-IRBM), UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Abuja and UNESCO office in Accra organize three days workshop on the management of water quality and emerging pollutants. The event takes place in Accra, Ghana, on 25-27 September.

The workshop aims to strengthen the scientific, technical and policy capacities of the participants to manage human health and environmental risks caused by emerging pollutants in water and wastewater. Consequently, the strengthening of these capacities will help improve water quality and wastewater management, including safe reuse of wastewater, and enhance water and food security.

In this framework, WWAP will present the SDG 6 Synthesis Report 2018 on Water and Sanitation, focusing on the African region, as part of the Public Dialogue activities.

Download the agenda of the event

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