09.01.2013 - Natural Sciences Sector

Take part in the selection of themes of the World Water Development Reports 6 and 7

Until 2012, the UN World Water Development Report was published every three years. From 2014 on, the WWDR will become an annual report, with a thematic focus and a standardized structure, and it will include data and case study annexes. It will be a 100-page annual report, which will be accompanied by a synthesis report published every five years. The Theme for the WWDR5 that will be published in 2014 is “Water and Energy”. In view of the next publications and to fullfill UN-Water specific request, WWAP has decided to carry out a consultation with stakeholders from various fields to identify emerging and water-related critical issues originated inside and/or outside the water box, which could become potential WWDR themes for the 6th and 7th editions to be published in 2015 and2016. 

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