02.02.2018 - Natural Sciences Sector

Water Labyrinth 2018

The World Water Development Report 2018 "Nature-based solutions for Water" will be presented in Italy on March 21, at the Water Labyrinth 2018.

Water Labyrinth 2018 will take place on March 21-24 in the largest labyrinth of the world, Labirinto Masone, near Parma, Italy.

The purpose of this four-day symposium is to raise awareness on the main challenges of water resources. The initiative consists of a series of conferences, where experts on water resources and renowned people will meet to “think about water” both locally and globally.

On this occasion WWAP will present the just released World Water Development Report 2018 (its official launch will be at the World Water Forum in Brasilia on March 19).

More information on Water Labyrinth 2018


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