18.04.2017 - Natural Sciences Sector

WWAP Delivers Sex-Disaggregated Water Data Collection and Analysis Training at UNESCO HQ


WWAP has developed a unique, ground-breaking training on sex-disaggregated water data collection and key indicators to assist member states to apply gender analysis in water management. A training session on this topic took place on 6-7 April in the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris.

Approximately, 30 participants from the International Hydrological Programme (IHP), Division of Science Policy and Capacity Building, Gender focal points (IOC, HYD and ODG), and the IW:LEARN Platform attended the one and a half day session.

WWAP Deputy Coordinator, Michela Miletto, explained the need for sex-disaggregated data collection, putting particular emphasis on data requirements for achieving the ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and provided a comprehensive description of the water and gender  toolkit developed by the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme.

The training session included interactive videos and class exercises for the participants to better understand the methodology and practical implementation of it.

“Besides learning a lot we've enjoyed the experience of sharing among us different views on the subject. The way you maintained the course and discussions allowed us to freely express our ideas even when they are different. This was very much appreciated by all of us and considered fruitful.” – Blanca Jimenez-Cisneros (Director, Division of Water Sciences; Secretary, International Hydrological Programme) on the WWAP training.

In addition, the course was an opportunity to show the good cooperation already existing between WWAP and IHP on the testing of gender disaggregated water indicators to transboundary aquifers  projects and, as well, an opportunity to explore new niches for cooperation with other colleagues at HYD.

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