07.11.2017 - Natural Sciences Sector

NEW! Water Insights on phosphorus recovery

Water Insights cover

This series inaugurates a new collection to provide in-depth information on water-related sectors, issues and topics in a stand-alone manner. The “Water Insights”, produced by WWAP in cooperation with selected and relevant partners/co-authors, delve into specific aspects of water resources management in order to provide interested readers with thought-provoking analysis, juicy data and policy-relevant recommendations.

This new product is addressed to water practitioners, policy and decision-makers, academia, private sector, students and in general all people with an interest in deepening their understanding of selected aspects of water resources management in connection with the topics analyzed by the UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) series and other WWAP-led initiatives.  

The first edition of this new series focuses on the importance of recovering phosphorus from wastewater. As the WWDR 2017 emphasizes, improved wastewater treatment presents valuable opportunities through the recovery of useful by-products; the issues around phosphorus are unique and as such merit a more in-depth discussion. Happy reading!

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