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Water Flowers by Kathy Weaver

Fragmentation and flow regulation of rivers: Dam Density

               Other resources:

               Global map of Dam Density [C.J Vorosmarty et al. (2010), CUNY]              

               Map of fragmentation and flow regulation by large river systems, 2005 [WWDR2, Map 5.3]

               Figure of the fragmentation and flow regulation by biome type, 2005 [WWDR2, Figure 5.4]

               Figure of the effects of river fragmentation and flow regulation by region and biome type, 2005 [WWDR3, Figure 8.2]

Dissolved nitrogen (nitrates + nitrogen dioxide)

              Other resources:

              Map of Inorganic nitrogen concentrations for major watersheds by region, 1979–90 and 1991–2003 [WWDR2, Map 5.2]

              Map of the percent change of NO3 + NO2-N in selected watersheds 1990-99 and 2000-07

Trends in catchment protection

                Other resources:

                Terrestrial areas protected [January 2010. Cambridge, UK: UNEP-WCMC] 

                 Distribution and degree of protection of wetland habitats by region [WWDR2, Figure 5.7]

Freshwater species population trends index

              Other resources:

              Figure of the Living Planet Index, 1970-2000 [WWDR2, Figure 5.2]

              Figure of the biodiversity in freshwater species, 1970-2005 [WWDR3, Figure 8.1]

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