Indicators - Level of Stress on the Resource

UK. North Somerset. Warning toxic algae sign on boating lake in Portishead. CDREF00191 More pictures on this subject available on request. © Paul Glendell / Still Pictures

Index of non-sustainable water use

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           Global Map - Africa Map - Asia Map - Australiasia Map -
           Europe Map - Latin America Map - North America Map

Rural and urban population

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          Map of Global population density, 2000 [WWDR2, Section 1]

          Map of Expected areas of population growth and decline, 2000-2080
          [WWDR3, Map 2.1]

          Figure of the Share of population residing in urban areas, 2005 and 2030
          [WWDR3, Figure 2.1]

Relative Water Stress Index

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           Map of Relative water stress index [WWDR2, Section 2]

Sources of contemporary nitrogen loading

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          Map of Predominant sources of contemporary nitrogen loading
          [WWDR2 , Section 2]

Domestic and industrial water use

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Impact of sediment trapping by large dams and reservoirs

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          Sediment trapping efficency [WWDR2, Section 3, Map 6]

Coefficient of variation for the Climate Moisture Index

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          Climate moisture index CV [WWDR2, Section 4, Map 7]

Water Reuse Index (WRI)

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          Water reuse index

          High level of wastewater reuse in water-stressed countries
          [WWDR3, Figure 8.6]

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