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From 9 March 2017 onwards we will open the Media Restricted Access section for the WWDR 2017 again. Journalists will be granted access to the embargoed materials upon request only.

For access, please contact: 

  • Simona Gallese
    World Water Assessment Programme Secretariat
    Tel: +39 (0)75 59 11 026

The resources of the media corner will be available, upon request, from 9 to 22 March 2017.

Materials in this section are intended to journalists only and are strictly under embargo until 22 March 2017. For security reasons we invite you to logout when you are done.

Previous World Water Development Reports

The WWDR 2016 illustrates that nearly 3 out of 4 jobs of the global workforce (3.2 billion people) are moderately or highly dependent upon access to water and water-related services and therefore states that “Water is essential to decent jobs and sustainable development”. Water stress and the lack of decent work can exacerbate security challenges, force migration and undo the progress made in the fight to eradicate poverty. 

Press kit - WWDR 2016 "Water and Jobs" 

The WWDR 2015 demonstrates how water resources and services are essential to achieving global sustainability, taking into account factors as economic growth, social equity and environmental sustainability. The report provides a comprehensive overview of major and emerging trends from around the world, with examples of how some of the trend‐related challenges have been addressed, their implications for policy‐makers, and further actions that can be taken by stakeholders and the international community.

Press kit - WWDR 2015 "Water for a Sustainable World" 

The WWDR 2014 seeks to inform decision-makers (inside and outside the water and energy domains), stakeholders and practitioners about the interlinkages, potential synergies and trade-offs, and to highlight the need for appropriate responses and regulatory frameworks that account for both water and energy priorities.

Press Kit - WWDR 2014 "Water and Energy" 

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