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Water Data Hub

The Water Data Hub is an independent, global, non-profit project dedicated to connecting you to the world's water data. Anyone can search for data sources; anyone can add new data sources.

The WDH acts as a meeting point where data sources and data users can find each other. The WDH covers all water-related data, from physical to social. The WDH neither gathers nor hosts primary data. It allows anyone to survey existing data hosted by originating organizations, identify areas where data are lacking, compare similar data from different sources for consistency, and assemble data from different sources into aggregated datasets for further analysis.

The WDH is a global public good that will be free to use.
The WDH is designed to improve our access to data that can help us understand how water is managed across geographies, sectors and institutions. We cannot promote policies or implement programs devoted to water security without understanding where we've been and where we are going.

Search the Hub to find information and access original data sources. Add a spoke to the Hub to share your data with the world, encourage collaboration, and maybe even improve our use of water.

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