Outreach activities

A targeted and smart scientific dissemination is essential to raise awareness and promote water sustainability. WWAP is investing cutting-edge and innovative means to reach out to its target audience (policy-makers and water professionals) as well as to the public at large. Better awareness contributes to the improvement of the livelihoods of people, particularly in developing countries. Through these efforts, WWAP and its partners support societal transformation by explaining the urgency to minimize water footprint, optimize freshwater use efficiency and promote sustainable water management in a circular economy. 

Expo 2015, Feeding the planet Energy for Life

World Water Day

Water for All, All for Water! Acqua per tutti, tutti per l'acqua!

Acquadoc, International Film Festival

UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development

"Water for Life" UN-Water Best Practices Award

Water, Climate and...Action!

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