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World Water Development Reports

The United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR) is WWAP’s core product and a flagship report of UN-Water. WWAP coordinates development of the WWDR as a joint effort of the agency members and partners of UN-Water who deal with freshwater issues in all their forms. The WWDR is thus regarded as one of the best examples of the United Nations system delivering as one. It is a respected source of knowledge that has been cited in hundreds of news articles, editorials, magazines, websites and peer-reviewed academic journals.

WWDR Supporting Publications

To support the launch and dissemination of the WWDR, WWAP prepares Overview of Key Messages and Facts and Figures publications. Their condensed nature highlights the most salient points and data for readers and makes it easier for the media to become familiar with the WWDR’s content. The Executive Summary completes the WWDR portfolio.

WWDR Side Publications

Side publications provide in-depth scientific background, expanded discussion and updated information on topics presented in the WWDR, often with practical examples and usually targeted for specific audiences. Many side publications are developed in partnership or collaboration with UN agencies or other stakeholders and experts.

Special Reports

Special reports are overviews of subject areas, sometimes less conventional ones, relating to the world’s freshwater resources. They are also a medium to publish findings from WWAP’s projects and workshops.

Briefing Notes

Briefing Notes highlight key issues and themes related to WWAP’s objectives, generally calling for more attention to, knowledge on or investment in a subject area, or highlighting stakeholder dialogues.

Stakeholder Messages

Many paths to sustainable development are linked to water, but the decisions that determine how water resources are used or abused are not made by water managers alone. Leaders in the water sector have long been aware that water is essential to sustainable development, but they do not make the decisions on development objectives and the allocation of resources to meet them. These decisions are made by leaders in government, the private sector and civil society.

In this section we have gathered the Stakeholder Messages series from the WWDR3 and the WWDR4, which target specific groups of leaders and decision-makers to help them make informed decisions, for the benefit of all.


Educational Material and Brochures

From time to time WWAP produces brochures on the Programme’s activities and products that help interested parties learn about its work.

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