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  • WWDR4 Flyer

    March 2012

    The World Water Assessment Programme and the 4th edition World Water Development Report.

    Download - WWDR4 Flyer 2012 [English - PDF 1.93 MB]

    WWAP Brochure 2011

    August 2011

    The World Water Assessment Programme and the World Water Development Report.

    Download - WWAP Brochure 2011 [English - PDF 3.83 MB]

  • Brochure of WWAP's Publications - 2010

    A guide to WWAP's most recent publications, including the World Water Development Report and related publications.

    Download - Brochure of WWAP Publications [English - PDF 1.13 MB]

    Water for the Millennium Development Goals: Why managing water resources wisely is key to achieving the MDGs

    The eight development goals that emerged from the UN Millennium Declaration in 2000 galvanized an unprecedented coordination of efforts on the part of the world’s nations to improve the situation of the world’s poorest by 2015.

    The MDGs identify specific development priorities and targets: to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal primary education, empower women and eliminate gender inequality, reduce child mortality and improve maternal health, combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases including malaria, ensure environmental sustainability, improve access to water and sanitation, and establish effective global partnerships towards achieving these development objectives.

    Marking the 10-year point towards meeting the MDGs, world leaders met in September at the United Nations headquarters in New York to review progress made so far, to identify areas of particular concern and obstacles hindering progress, and to develop strategies and actions to overcome these in the next five years. As a contribution to the debate, WWAP prepared a short white paper to highlight the crosscutting importance of responsible and sustainable water management to achieving each of the MDGs.

    Download 'Water for the MDGs' [PDF - 835 Kb]

  • Brochure of WWAP Premises in Perugia, Italy

    A brochure on WWAP Premises in Perugia, Italy, presenting meeting and training facilities for hire by partner organisations.

    Download - Brochure of WWAP Premises in Perugia [English - PDF 1.23 MB]

  • WWDR2 Educational Poster

    March 2006 

    Using data and graphics from WWDR2, this two-sided poster presents the main water-related challenge areas and local actions from the WWAP case studies. The poster is available in A1-size upon request to wwap(at)

    Download - WWDR2 Poster [PDF - 3.32 MB]

  • WWAP brochure: For Development, Capacity-Building, and the Environment

    2003 - 2006 

    A brochure that presents the programme and activities during its second phase (2003-2006). Includes information on the programme's composition and priorities, as well as on the second WWDR and case studies.

    Download - WWAP Brochure [PDF - 615 KB]

  • WWAP brochure: Fitting the pieces together

    2000 - 2003 

    A presentation of the Programme published during its first phase (2000-2003).


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